NEWS / 13.01.2023 Production process Purified Gases

Good to KNOW: The handling of high-purity gases requires extreme care. Find out more here.

Oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, acetylene, helium, propane, hydrogen, ... The handling of high-purity gases requires extreme care throughout the entire production process. 

In order to meet these high standards, Goetze has a production process (Purified Gases) specially designed for high-purity gases. 


  • Receipt of your enquiry followed by a check by our sales department whether the available sealing materials and lubricants are suitable for the pressures and temperatures you require in your application.

  • Cleaning of the individual parts with specific solvents and ultrasound. Packing of the individual parts in closed transport boxes.

  • The assembly, testing, packaging and labelling of the valves is carried out at our own assembly stations, in accordance with the limit values:

• Limit value for hydrocarbon impurities: ≤ 100 mg/m2 

• Limit value for particle impurities: ≤ 100 µm  

  • Shipping of your valves.   

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