NEWS / 11.06.2024 The new Hygienic series 4100 from GOETZE

Top performance for liquids

Goetze KG Armaturen is pleased to introduce the latest addition to our product line: the 4100 series. This specially developed safety valve is aimed at demanding applications in the beverage and brewing industries. With its liquid-optimised design, it meets the high requirements of these industries in terms of efficiency, hygiene and operational safety.

The 4100 series is characterised by its compact design and offers the advantage that the inlet and outlet openings are identical, which significantly reduces installation costs. The availability up to a nominal diameter of DN100 allows flexible adaptation to different system requirements.

A key feature of the 4100 series is the innovative cone-shaped diaphragm technology which, compared to conventional rubber bellows systems, enables optimum separation of the wetted area from the spring chamber of the valve. This design minimises dead space and ensures excellent cleanability and hygiene. Such properties are essential for use in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, where strict hygiene standards apply.

In terms of certifications and approvals, the 4100 series has a specific approval for liquids only and another for use with gases and liquids. An ASME approval is also provided, which emphasises conformity with international industry standards.

The hygienic design and ease of maintenance of the valve round off the profile of the 4100 series and make it an ideal solution for demanding applications in beverage production and related industries.

Discover here how the 4100 series can support your production processes.