TECHNICAL NEWS / 04.04.2024 Five worldwide approvals for high-pressure safety valves in the 492 series

Our high-pressure safety valves in the 492 series set new standards with five approvals worldwide, including four component approvals and one registration (CRN) for pressure ranges up to 1500 bar.

  • European Pressure Equipment Directive
  • ASME certification for the USA
  • TS certificate for China
  • KGS approval for Korea
  • CRN registration for Canada


🌍 Globally recognised, used locally
The 492 series crosses borders - with approvals in key markets such as Europe, the USA, China, Korea and Canada. This diversity enables our customers to use our safety valves in systems requiring monitoring anywhere in the world, safe in the knowledge that they meet the highest safety and performance standards.

💡 Unrivalled safety and performance
GOETZE is the only manufacturer in the world to offer safety valves with component approvals for pressure ranges above 1000 bar. This emphasises our commitment to quality, safety and technical precision.

🔧 Technical excellence, applied globally
The approval of the 492 series not only signals technical reliability, but also compliance with comprehensive regulatory standards. This ensures that high-pressure applications can be equipped safely and in accordance with the respective country-specific regulations.

With the worldwide approvals of the Series 492, Goetze KG Armaturen demonstrates its leadership in developing valve solutions that fulfil both the technical and safety needs of our global customers.