TECHNICAL NEWS / 07.03.2024 New certification milestone

The TS certificate (Manufacturer Licence of Special Equipment People's Republic of China) for our safety valves 492 up to 1500 bar

The Chinese market for safety valves is constantly evolving. Characterised by stricter regulations and more intensive inspections, the responsible authorities in China are now striving for greater autonomy in their standards and test procedures. This dynamic demands a high degree of flexibility and commitment to quality and safety from us as a manufacturer.

In this challenging environment, we are all the more pleased to announce a significant advance: Our 492 series for safety valves has now also been certified in sizes DN6 and DN8 for pressure ranges up to 1500 bar.

This achievement marks GOETZE as the only manufacturer in the world to achieve these specific parameters and thus have component approval in China for such highly specified safety valves.

This breakthrough underlines our commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety and cements our position as a leading partner in the safety valve sector - not just in China, but worldwide. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with innovative solutions that meet the most stringent international standards while ensuring the efficiency and safety of their installations.

For more information on our certified products and services, visit our website or contact our team directly. We are here to support you with excellent solutions and expertise.