NEWS / 13.02.2024 Precise pressure regulation in new sizes: DN80, DN100, DN125

The next generation of water supply with the 382 flange pressure reducer from GOETZE

We are pleased to present the latest additions to our flanged pressure reducing valve product group: our 382 series, with nominal sizes DN80, DN100 and DN125 now available.

Pressure reducing valves of this size are often used in the water supply sector, but are primarily used in buildings with high water requirements, such as hospitals or hotels.

The installation of these relatively large valves is made easier - in the truest sense of the word - by the minimised use of materials and the resulting reduction in weight!

The user-friendliness of our flanged pressure reducer is further enhanced by an adjustment scale that allows the desired outlet pressure to be easily preset - without any operating medium. The installation package is completed by EPDM flange gaskets with a steel core and two glycerine-filled pressure gauges, which guarantee a smooth installation.


Find out more about the 382 flange pressure reducer here