NEWS / 22.01.2024 Together for a good cause: our support for local charitable organisations

Donations to LudwigsTafel e.V. and Aktion Helferherz

As a long-standing player in the high-performance fittings and valves industry, we, Goetze KG Armaturen, see it as our duty to make a positive contribution to our community.

This year, we have decided to demonstrate our local commitment by donating a total of €10,000 to two outstanding charitable organisations – LudwigsTafel e.V. and the Aktion Helferherz of the Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung.

Personal handover by our Managing Director Tobias Weimann
We are proud that our Managing Director, Tobias Weimann, personally handed over the donation cheques to the representatives of the two organisations. This gesture reflects our commitment to social responsibility and the desire to actively contribute to improving our community.

Focus on employee engagement
In addition to these donations, one of our employees also showed his commitment by donating €200 worth of food to LudwigsTafel e.V. This donation is part of our internal "Employee of the Month" initiative, where the bonus awarded can also be donated to a charitable organisation at the employee's request.

Targeted help for LudwigsTafel e.V.
Our donation to LudwigsTafel e.V. will be used in a targeted manner: €2,500 will be used to purchase food that is specifically needed by the food bank, including chilled foods such as yoghurt, quark, cheese and cream cheese as well as oils, tinned sweets, sugar and tomato sauce. The remaining €2,500 will be donated to help with improvements and to cover fixed costs such as rent, energy and vehicles. We are aware that this support makes a significant difference to the operation of the food bank and the care of people in need in our region.

Support for Aktion Helferherz
The Helferherz campaign, which has been supported by the Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung newspaper for over five decades, is particularly close to our hearts. With our donation, we would like to help ensure that the valuable work of this initiative continues and that people in need in the Ludwigsburg district receive support.

Our commitment to social responsibility
As a company, we are proud to make a contribution to solving social challenges. These donations are an expression of our commitment to making a positive impact both locally and globally.