SAFETY AT THE CRYOGENIC STORAGE TANKThe product package for cryogenic applications

Safeguarding, shutting off, controlling or switching - with the products for cryogenic applications you get everything from one source at GOETZE. GOETZE is also your partner for safety in this area. With our cryogenic package we ensure safe systems and storage tanks. 

Our cryogenic valves and fittings are pioneering in their application and can be used in many industries. The low temperatures of the gases are used in many different ways, from the food industry and medical technology to power generation. The outstanding quality of GOETZE cryogenic valves has been confirmed by their approval for gases and steam as well as for liquids.

Everything from one source.

With our cryogenic safety valves, the shut-off valves for cryogenic liquefied gases, the combi regulator for pressure increase and decrease and the small overflow valves, the cryogenic package for the storage tank is complete.

CRYOGENIC LIQUEFIED GASES Goetze valves in combination 

Depending on requirements and applications, cryogenic liquefied gases are stored in different containers ranging in size from 1,000 litres to 100 m³ and with storage pressures of up to 70 bar. Possible applications include medical oxygen supply systems or the storage of argon for welding gas supply in machine and plant construction. The following Goetze valves are used on the tanks: 

Safeguarding with the series 2400 and 2480

Full-lift safety valves in compact design with high blow-off capacity and FDA-compliant sealing material. Overpressure in the range of 0.2 to 70 bar, is safely discharged with constant high capacity.

Shut-off with series 2140 and 2180

Valves with straight-through body for shut-off with flow-optimised body geometry and high Kvs-value.  Opening and closing is carried out by means of ergonomically designed stainless steel handwheels, whereby the open / closed position can be clearly read via optical position indicator.

To the safety valvesTo the shut-off valves

Both series are available in high-quality stainless steel 1.4409 as well as low-lead gunmetal CC499K. 

REGULATE AND SWITCH OVERThe Goetze cryogenic product package for tanks for the storage of cryogenic liquefied or cryogenic gases. 

In addition to safety valves and shut-off valves in stainless steel and gunmetal, Goetze also offers high-quality diverter ball valves and tank pressure regulators.  

Regulating with the pressure build-up regulator

The pressure regulator of the series 2980 ensures a constant pressure in the storage tank. The desired tank pressure is set via the adjusting screw on the pressure regulator. Depending on the spring assembly, setting pressures between 2 and 38 bar are possible. 

About the series 2980  

During product withdrawal, the main function of the pressure regulator is to increase pressure. By opening the valve cone, the container pressure is increased to the adjusted pressure and kept constant.


Switching with the retractable ball valves of the series 2700, 2780, 2781, 2782 and 2783.

The flow channels of the diverter ball valve are optimally designed. This enables high flow rates and reduced pressure losses in the supply line to the safety valves, ensuring stable operation. In addition, the variety of connections on the diverter ball valve makes it possible to diversify the protection of the containers. For example, by installing a bursting disc in parallel.

About the diverter ball valves

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