High-performance valves and fittings We know how to handle pressure.

Quality. Safety. Competence.

This is what Goetze stands for. Like hardly any other company in the field of safety valves and fittings, we combine the experience of tradition with the esprit of innovation.
We support our customers with high-quality products, comprehensive service and know-how.

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IndustryValves and fittings for industry

Individual safety, without compromise: Discover our innovative safety valves and fittings for industrial applications.


TECHnical GASEs & Cryo High-performance valves for technical gases & cryo  

Extreme conditions? We offer safety valves and fittings for cryogenic applications, hydrogen and other technical gases. 


CLEAN Valves for hygienic applications  

Pharmaceuticals, food, beverages or water treatment - with our hygienic valves we ensure hygiene in various industries. 


Water & Buildings Valves and fittings for water applications   

Pressure reducing valves, safety valves in the solar sector or the protection of fire extinguishing systems: We ensure safety in buildings and water applications. 


GoetzeAt the highest level - and all the way down to the smallest detail.

Thanks to the exceptional qualifications of our development team, we are always able to present new trend products and offer the right solution for individual requirements. With precise craftsmanship and custom-fit production, we drive the ideas and product innovations of our clients - precisely, flexibly and always in brand quality. 

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Latest newsThe new definition of HIGH-END

New pressure ranges!

The new 492 series covers a previously unattained pressure range from 50 to 1500 bar. A safety valve that impresses with its compactness and design for safeguarding high-pressure air systems, high-pressure compressors and hydrogen applications.

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NewsPrecise pressure regulation in new sizes: DN80, DN100, DN125

The next generation of water supply with the 382 flange pressure reducer from GOETZE

NewsGOETZE in the aerospace industry: safety valves in the WARR project "Nixus"

🚀 Innovation meets precision: GOETZE safety valves in the "Nixus" project of the Scientific Working Group for Rocket Technology and Space Travel (WARR) at the Technical University of Munich.

NewsTogether for a good cause: our support for local charitable organisations

Donations to LudwigsTafel e.V. and Aktion Helferherz

Trade FairBig 5 Construct Saudi

Our fittings and safety valves for water and buildings to strengthen the construction industry in Saudi Arabia

News"Electrolysis made in Baden-Württemberg" project

The aim of this project is to produce an electrolyser ready for series production, mainly through regional value creation

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