Sterile beverage filling of coconut water  

With hygienic safety valves from GOETZE

THE PRODUCTION OF COCONUT WATERThe Natural Sports Drink of the Summer

The exotic thirst quencher is made from the still unripe green coconut. The clear to slightly cloudy drink has a very high potassium content and can therefore keep up with the usual sports drinks.

Nut opened - juice out. Sounds simple, but it's not, because a technically flawless and hygienic filling process is indispensable for the best quality.

Successful in useSeries 6420 and series 4000

We have the powerful and easy-to-clean valve combinations for filling systems of this type ready for you right away ...

Our series 6420 pressure relief valves 
  • for liquids  

  • for pump protection  

in combination with series 4000  
  • very high performance in steam applications 

  • high cleanability requirements 

  • dead space free design 

  • clean service applications