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Goetze TechTalk

Where podcasts and white papers reach their limits, we bring the medium of video into play. See the GOETZE product world from new perspectives, as an animation in action. A lively operating manual that can be paused, fast-forwarded and rewound at the touch of a button, according to your needs. A medium that delivers visible added value. 

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Product videos

How does a pressure reducing valve work? What should be considered when maintaining valves and pressure reducing valves? Our videos communicate facts clearly and to the point and answer important questions.

Goetze pressure reducing valve 681

How does a pressure reducing valve work? We show you how the pressure reducer works - from installation to simple maintenance.

Hygienic 4000

The safety valve for hygiene applications.
The video explains in a simple way how you can optimally clean your valve and thus protect the valve from contamination.  


Together with our in-house experts, we regularly prepare webinars for specific subject areas. You can relive the recordings of the webinars here.

Cryogenic valves in application

27. April 2021 

Olaf Schulenberg and Leonard Sieben

Safety first at the cryogenic storage tank

28. April 2021 

Olaf Schulenberg