TECHNICAL NEWS / 24.02.2023 F/K/S Approval for Series 355 & 455

Flange Safety Valve with new approval

Valve certifications are an expression of the highest quality and reliability.

For this reason, Goetze is constantly expanding its range of certifications and obtaining a wide variety of approvals for different markets.

This also applies to the flange safety valves of the series 355 and 455 – which have now received F/K/S approval.

The approval is based on the AD 2000 code of practice HP 801 No. 23, which deals with special requirements for vehicle containers for liquid, granular or dusty goods (F/K/S).

According to the regulations, the safety valves must, among other things, be protected so that they cannot be rendered ineffective either by external contamination or by the load.

The series 355 and 455 fulfil this point with the double gas-tight variants with stainless steel bellows. This is used, for example, in permanently installed silo containers or in fine desulphurisation plants.


To the series 355

To the series 455