The industrialisation of water electrolysis in Germany is to be driven forward by the project: "Electrolysis made in Baden-Württemberg".

Particularly against the backdrop of growing awareness of the need to comply with the Paris climate protection targets and the increasing pressure to act, new options that are viable in the long term must be developed as quickly as possible for the economy, especially for industrial companies.

Water electrolysis is the key technology here. It enables hydrogen to be produced from water and electricity and thus helps to balance out fluctuations in the supply from renewable sources of electricity.  Renewable energy can be stored and is available for further energy supply when there is a lull in the wind or low solar radiation.

Goetze is your partner in safety here too.

Our safety valves made of stainless steel and gunmetal protect both the gas phase and the water supply of the electrolyser against excessive pressure. Thanks to an oil- and grease-free production as well as an approval according to ATEX, our safety valves are optimally designed for use in hydrogen applications.

HYDROGEN - ENERGY SOURCE OF THE FUTURE MWel-class electrolyser made in Baden-Württemberg 

As an industry-oriented research institute, the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) works together with companies from the engineering sector or with component manufacturers, among others, on the development and expansion of the local hydrogen landscape.

The aim is to manufacture a series-produced electrolyser, mainly through regional value creation, in the form of companies from Baden-Württemberg, in order to highlight and strengthen the future and competitiveness of these companies.

The current electrolyser, also called demonstrator, serves as an "electrolysis showcase" to initiate technology transfer for electrolysis production in the state with key partners along the value chain. In cooperation with industry, prototypes and good concepts are thus turned into products in series production.

Copyright: ZSW/David Arzt

Copyright: ZSW/David Arzt


The system demonstrator (electrolyser) in detail 

The demonstrator is a 1 MWel plant for alkaline water electrolysis with 2 electrolysis stacks.

  1. Superstructure ET container and plant frame
  2. Insertion of all components
  3. Completion of the lye pipeline route
  4. Completion gas process technology
  5. Structure of the subsystems
    • Cooling
    • VE water supply
    • Nitrogen
    • Pneumatics
  6. Integration of electrical subsystems
    • Rectifier
    • Measurement and control technology
    • Control cabinet and control hardware
    • Software / PCS7
  7. Leak test, commissioning subsystems
  8. Operating permit (BetrSichV)
  9. Declaration of conformity (CE marking)

THE CHALLENGE OF HYDROGENGOETZE safety valves successfully in use

Copyright: ZSW/David Arzt
Copyright: ZSW/David Arzt

The following series will be used in the electrolyser to be presented in summer 2023

Series 461: The stainless steel angle safety valve with PTFE seal has been cleaned free of oil and grease for use in conjunction with hydrogen on request. Equipped with these features, the stainless steel valve of the 461 series protects the gaseous phase of the electrolyser. For oxygen applications, a special GOX version is available (use of special materials including oil- and grease-free production).

About the 461 series


Series 652: The angle safety valve of the 652 series made of gunmetal valve protects the water supply of the electrolyser and is thus used in the liquid phase.

About the 652 series


As the complete system falls under the ATEX directive, an acceptance according to ATEX was also requested for all installed safety valves and the corresponding certificates were enclosed.

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