Goetze safety valve meets 33L tank

Safety & Hygienic - Hand in Hand

Particularly high demands are placed on equipment in the food and pharmaceutical sectors in terms of cleanability and thus the dead space-free design of equipment parts. 

Goetze KG's hygienic valves have a very smooth and defect-free surface with various surface options in accordance with ASME BPE. 

For a 33L tank, our 400 series stainless steel safety valve is used. With smooth, defect-free surfaces, stainless steel bellows, minimised dead spaces and no gaps, the series ensures safe and hygienic handling.

The 400 series valve protects the tank in the event of overpressure and discharges it safely.

Our valve experts in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food & beverage will provide you with an expert answer in the shortest possible time and, if required, a customised offer with the hygienic connections suitable for your application.


Series 400

The safety valves in the Goetze Hygienic series are constructed in compliance with the construction features of hygienic design.

This includes smooth, fault-free and optimal surfaces for cleaning, minimum dead space, no gaps and lots of other details. Difficult to clean components are protected against impurities with stainless steel bellows.

The fulfilment of these construction features are proven and confirmed by tests and certificates from the DGUV Committee for Foods and Luxury Items and the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group).

The safety valves are approved for worldwide use in accordance with numerous regulations.

About the 400 series

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