With safety fittings for vaccine containers against Corona

 A great challenge for the container specialists

THE COOL STORAGE OF THE VACCINEInnovation in the pharmaceutical sector meets cutting-edge technology in container construction 

The mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) based vaccines used in the fight against Corona, which are considered particularly sensitive, must be stored at temperatures as low as -80 °C. This is necessary to prevent the mRNA from decaying before it can take effect in the cells of our body. This is necessary so that the mRNA does not decay before it can take effect in the cells of our body.

Such extreme transport conditions for vaccines have never been seen before and thus pose a great challenge to the container specialists.

SUCCESSFUL IN USESeries 400 and Series 4060

Our stainless steel safety valves of the 400 and 4060 series are used for mobile containers as well as skids - permanently installed containers with ready-piped pumps. With smooth, flawless surfaces, stainless steel Bellows", minimised dead spaces and no gaps, our valves ensure safe and hygienic handling of vaccine containers.