WATER IN INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONSIt all depends on the right mixture

In many industrial applications, the mixing ratio plays a major role. Here, water is mixed with another component, whereby the proportion of water must be neither too high nor too low. Precise dosing of the added water quantity is therefore essential.

But how do you ensure the correct mixing ratio between water and another component?

Goetze is your partner in safety here too.

Our pressure reducing valves with threaded or flanged connection not only cover all classic areas of application in water supply. They are also frequently used for applications in sprinkler systems, in the field of water treatment or in desalination plants. In this way, the correct mixing ratio can be ensured and the pressure reducing valves can be used profitably for people and the environment..

GOETZE AT the CARWASH Pressure reducing valves in carwashes? You bet! 

In addition to sophisticated car wash brush technology, cleaning with water and foam plays a major role. 

But how do you ensure the right mixing ratio between water and foam cleaner?

By using the pressure reducing valves 9000/9040 from Goetze:

Series 9040

The pressure reducing valves regulates the pressure upstream of the mixing nozzle precisely and thus ensures that not too much water is dosed due to too high pressure.  

About the 9040 series

In addition, the integrated filter sieve protects the sensitive nozzles from contamination with associated clogging and costly repair.

CONTROL ACCURACY FOR THE WATER SUPPLYPlastering machines: The right mixture makes the difference! 

Plastering machines are indispensable in the construction industry. They mix mortar with water and convey the mixture under pressure to the point of application. The correct ratio of water to mortar is particularly important. 

For this reason, pressure reducing valves are always used for the water supply in plastering machines. These pressure reducing valves must have excellent, consistent control accuracy in order to be able to regulate the desired amount of water via the pressure at any time.

The Goetze pressure reducing valves 9000 / 9040 have exactly this feature:

Through a sophisticated ratio of spring force, diaphragm area and the use of the Venturi effect, it precisely regulates the water pressure and thus ensures the correct mixing ratio. 

About the 9000 series  

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